360 degree feedback surveys

Upward Feedback®

Upward Feedback® was the invention of Peter R. Farey at the Air Transport Staff College in the UK in 1974. His unique Leader/Manager Model™ has flourished in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other countries under the direction of Leaderskill Group Pty Ltd. Meanwhile it has become better known as 360 Facilitated®.

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360 degree feedback surveys

  1. Do you want to bring to light all the issues?
  2. Do you want the basis for full-system, enduring change for teams and culture?
  3. Do you want to identify and build strengths to meet real needs?
  4. Do you want buy-in from everyone?
  5. Do you want a low-threat 360 that managers love?

That's Upward Feedback® and 360 Facilitated®.

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